Predictable Monthly Income With Promissory Notes

Ditch the volatility of the stock market! Eppler Capital Funds offers investors the opportunity to invest in promissory notes, providing secure fixed rates of return up to 9% per year.

Our Offerings

Our Offerings

Option One

A $10,000 minimum investment earns a 7% annual rate of return (interest). Distributions are paid monthly
through ACH direct deposit
or can be reinvested.

Option Two

A $50,000 minimum investment earns an 8% annual rate of return (interest). Distributions are paid monthly
through ACH direct deposit
or can be reinvested.

Option Three

A $100,000 minimum investment earns a 9% annual rate of return (interest). Distributions are paid monthly
through ACH direct deposit
or can be reinvested.

Meet the Team
Craig P. Eppler

Founder & CEO

Stephen Gibson

Managing Director

Investment Objectives

Elevate Your Passive Income

Eppler Capital Funds seeks stable and high-income opportunities with capital preservation. A secondary objective is to take advantage of opportunities with strong capital appreciation potential.

The Investment

We are in the business of investing in top-tier operators of real assets and recession-resistant cash-flowing businesses via private offerings across the country. We conduct deep due diligence on each investment and operator, diversify sectors, and invest conservatively to mitigate risk.

The Market

Known for its resilience, the real assets and cash-flowing business segment is recession resistant and an ideal hedge against inflation because of its ability to sustain consistent cash flows through market downturns.


Real Assets & Cash-Flowing Business Sectors

Eppler Capital Funds specializes in investing across a wide range of real assets and cash-flowing business sectors, ensuring our investors benefit from a diversified portfolio. Our investment focus includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Mobile Homes
Multi-Family Units
Real Estate Development
Investor Objectives

Eppler Capital's objectives are to provide investors with:

At Eppler Capital Funds, we understand that every investor has unique objectives and risk tolerances. Whether you are an individual investor, institutional entity, or family office, we tailor our investment strategies to align with your specific goals. Our aim is to help you achieve financial success, capitalize on market opportunities, and build a secure financial future.

High-Yield Returns

Rates of return that are higher than banks and traditional bonds, and higher than most stock dividends.

Regular Monthly Income

Additional income structured like a monthly paycheck, for retirement, living expenses, and/or to build savings.

Rollover Option

Option to automatically roll over your investment so you don’t miss out on earning interest or future investment opportunities.

Variable Terms

We offer notes with maturity dates ranging from 36 to 84 months.

IRA Friendly

This investment provides investors with a way to convert their self-directed traditional IRAs or Roth IRAs to create a consistent income stream. We can recommend several custodian companies that handle the paperwork and hold your IRA while the funds are invested with us.

Why choose us

Why Invest With Eppler Capital Funds?

At Eppler Capital Funds, we understand that investing is a significant decision. Here’s why you should choose us as your investment partner:

Consistent Returns

We understand that most investors don’t care for the volatility of the stock market. Our promissory notes provide the same return every month.

We Put Investors First

Our approach is to pay investors first. The principals of the company are only paid after the investors are paid.

Experience & Expertise

We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to capitalize on strategic investment opportunities.


While many investment management firms simply state their values, our values and mission form the foundation of everything we do.

Values & Mission

Eppler Capital Funds Values & Mission

Our values and mission form the foundation of everything we do.


Our mission is to be the most secure, consistent investment across your portfolio. A trusted source of income when difficulties arise.


Client First – This firm was founded to address a need that we saw in the traditional investment marketplace: the need for predictable, consistent returns. Our client-first mentality prioritizes our client’s needs and objectives.

Long-Term Relationships – We prioritize building trust and communicating with our clients through a collaborative relationship. We respond in a timely manner because we never want you to be surprised by your investment.

Integrity – We conduct our business dealings with honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior to ensure that our investments are made with the utmost care and diligence. If a problem arises, we work to address it.

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